Madrid, 16 March 2023.- Valdecarros Madrid has taken part in MIPIM 2023, the main European real estate trade fair, which will is being held from 14 to 17 March in Cannes. The new Madrid district presented its project, considered as one of the largest urban developments in Europe. With “Invest in Madrid: New urban developments”, presented on 15 March, the Region of Madrid, the Madrid City Council, and Valdecarros explained to international investors their commitment to offering high-quality, affordable housing through a public-private partnership.

The trade fair brought together the most influential players in the industry to facilitate networking and boost transactions. This year, MIPIM will have more than 400 talks, about 20,000 visitors, 2,400 standards, and more than two thousand investors from 80 countries. Valdecarros has been one of the major Spanish projects on display, due to the importance of new housing development in Madrid.

José María García Gómez, Deputy Councillor for Housing and Land Management in the Region of Madrid took part in the presentation “Invest in Madrid: New urban developments”, highlighting his government’s commitment to developments like Valdecarros, which facilitate housing sales and rentals. Begoña Villacís, the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, explained that public-private partnerships are crucial in key sectors like urban development.

Luis Roca de Togores, the Chairman of the Valdecarros Junta de Compensación, explained: “Valdecarros has become the best opportunity for real estate investment in Madrid and in the best example of public-private partnership, which will bring Madrid investment for more than EUR 7.5 billion and 450,000 new jobs”. Moreoer, in the first three phases of the project “there will be opportunities for investment both in residential plots and in tertiary use plots that will be placed on the market this year”.

Javier Rodríguez Heredia, senior Managing Partner at Azora, highlighted the appeal of the city of Madrid as a safe destination for real estate investment, and stated that Valdecarros will be a great opportunity for investors. The new district was presented at MIPIM as a urban development success history, offering solutions to the city’s main problem: the scarce offering and the ensuing rise in housing prices. With a global investment of more than EUR 7.5 billion and the more than 50,000 homes that will be developed in the project, Valdecarros will contribute to countering this problem.

MIPIM audiences were able to learn about all this first-hand through the digital model on display at the event, which showed the existing 19 million square metres of land at Valdecarros Madrid. The model will materalise in 2025, when the first three phases of the project start to be built and and more that 13,500 affordable homes are placed on the market.