A new green lung for the city

Valdecarros has large green areas for everyone to enjoy

M m² of green areas

m² of green areas per family

Valdecarros is an opportunity to rebalance the city of Madrid by providing significant services and large green areas

A district with sustainable mobility

Valdecarros will be connected to the Ensanche de Vallecas, La Atalayuela, and Berrocales districts. These roads include the Great Southeast Road, which will connect the various areas in the southeast of the city, practically from the Manzanares valley to Coslada.

A large part of the roads will have cycling lanes and platforms reserved for public transport, contributing to sustainable mobility.

It will have forest areas connecting the Manzanares Park and the Southeast Regional Park

A district “connected” to nature

The large forest areas include Cantiles del Manzanares, with  a surface area of about 4 million m², which will be a significant part of the Southeast Forest Park.

A green belt designed by the City Council will be built around the municipality.

A compact city

The average building density in the concentration areas is 88 homes per hectare, a compactness of more than  3.5 m2/m2

Cattle tracks

The many cattle tracks running through the area will be refurbished, making them wider and ensuring their survival, as well as that of the historical brooks, which are currently almost non-existent, integrating them in the green areas.

Cycling lanes

A large part of the roads will have cycling lanes to access most blocks, connecting with the circuits that already exist in the area.

Recycled water grid

A recycled water grid will be created to reuse the water regenerated in the La Gavia purification plant to water green areas not only in Valdecarros but also in other Southeast Strategy sector.

Acoustic impact

The acoustic impact of the high-capacity roads will be mitigated by means of large reforested ridges along the M-45, M-31, M-45, and M-50 roads.

LED lights

The entire public lighting system will be provided with low-consumption LED lights to prevent light pollution.