It will give a presentation on urban developments in the largest European international trade fair on Wednesday 15 March

Valdecarros will take part in the main event in the real estate sector, MIPIM 2023, which will be held from 14 to 17 March in Cannes (France). Representatives of the Valdecarros Junta de Compensación will travel to France with the Madrid City Hall and the Region of Madrid to take part in the talk programme with their presentation “Invest in Madrid: New Urban Developments”, on Wednesday 15 March at 4:15 PM.

Last year Luis Roca de Togores, Chairman of the Valdecarros Junta de Compensación, was able to present the main figures of this project to investors, announcing that 13,500 of the total 51,000 homes planned will be built in the new Madrid district over the next four years.

Invitación conferencias MIPIM

The MIPIM trade fair is a meeting point for real estate sector leaders, with more than 400 talks, networking meetings, and participant displays. Madrid, which is increasingly considered as significant region in the sector and a focus for investors, will present the Valdecarros project following the major work being carried out in the housing market in the city. .

More than 20,000 people attend MIPIM every year, with more than 3,000 company displays and representatives from more than 100 countries. A majority of French, British, and German companies will participate this year, as well as Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal, which will also be extensively represented in the trade fair. Spain will be represented by Madrid and Barcelona, and the Spanish pavilion will house the Málaga City Hall, IPEX, ICEX, Invest Murcia, and more than 30 private companies.

This year, MIPIM focuses on sector trends, which makes ESG, innovation, and sustainability topics particularly relevant. Under the motto The Road To Zero, the ESG challenges faced by the company will be discussed in talks and displays, seeking to promote the decarbonisation of the real estate industry.

The Road To Zero will involve the main players in the sustainability process: investors, developers, industry, and ESG projects, who will discuss the climate issued in the industry and the main solutions that can be launched. “Invest in Madrid: New Urban Developments” will be an opportunity to expound the environmental improvements that Valdecrarros is promoting in the Region of Madrid, as the project is outstanding not only because of its sustainable housing and an accessible transport network in East Madrid, but also because of the large green areas that will be created.

The creation of the Cerro de la Herradura and Los Cantiles del Manzanares parks will expand the Madrid Metropolitan Forest, the great green infrastructure that will circle the entire city, with 14,200 hectares and 450,000 autochthonous trees. The development of the Metropolitan Forest will contribute to improving people’s quality of life, and so Valdecarros is not just an urban development – it is an environmental project.

With all this, Valdecarros will contribute to placing Madrid on the forefront of urban development on the world stage.